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My name is David, and below is a partial listing of Used Fiero parts I have for sale. Think like this, if these parts were not good for me to personally use, I would trash them instead of resale them. Fieros are getting harder and harder to come by now that many of them have already gone to the crusher. So I'm expanding the site to include all makes and model cars. Just give your year, model, make when inquiring about parts.

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If you have a good idea about a section to add to this site let me know.

I rank my Fiero parts simply:

Poor - You should never see this.

Fair - Needs to be refinished - but basically a usable part.

Good - Minimal scratches as expected of a used part. Completely functional may need refinishing.

Great - This is the best part I would ever come by.

Excellent - I don't think you will ever see me use this ranking. " Near Factory New" condition.


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usedfieroparts is my eBay name.

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Last Updated: 8/6/2012

Partial parts listing...

Head Light Motors

These are Rebuilt Units that carry a

6 Month Replacement warranty.

Select driver or passenger side.

Get $10per Motor Refund when you return your rebuildable 87-88 Headlight Motor core.

$49 ea./plus shipping

Newer style(87-88)

Driver Side

Passenger side.

Buy Now $57 shipping included in the US.


Newer Style 87-88New Style Motor

Driver & Pass. Set..

Buy a Set for $108 shipping included in the US.

After Market Hood Scoop

We got this Fiero to part out and put a bodykit has parts that we are going to mold and reproduce as After Market parts.

Click here for pictures

$80 plus shipping
Fastback Tail lights

Fastback Style Tail lights. Good condition. These were removed from Fieros that were Converted into a replica There are no chips, breaks, or deep scratches in the finish.

They are shipped via USPS Insured.


 $100/ea. Plus shipping

Good condition some mild scratches but not broken or bubbled black under.

Currently out of stock.


Rear Wings (Spoilers)

Good condition. Structurally sound. But you may have to paint to match your Fiero color.

Includes the mount nuts.

Non Factory OEM Style stands cannot be removed. They are a solid part of the wing.

1 Aftermarket Available at

$150ea/plus shipping

 Standard spoiler

Buy Now $188 Shipping Included in the US

T-Top roof with out glass

I just got in this Fiero with the T-top roof. It needs some work replacing the upholstery, some plastic trim and rubber trim The glass has been sold already.

Considered fair condition if you have resources to restore.

Shipped via Greyhound Package express you will have to pick it up from your nearest station.

You must submit phone number with order.



Buy Now $375 Shipping Included in the Continental US

Notch Back Decklid

Notch Back style GT Decklid.


$60 plus shipping via Greyhound Package Express.

I will need your phone number for shipping. You will also have to pick up from Greyhound as they do not deliver to your door only the closest station.

85GT Front Fascia

Good structural condition may have to refinish to your car's color..Shipped via Greyhound Package Express In US.

E-mail for available colors.
Round Horn Pads with Fiero GT logo


Paddle type horn buttons.

The center horn pad with the GT logo to complete that three spoke wheel.

$11ea shipping included

Paddle type sold out
88 Suspension:

A-Frames or Control Arms & Suspension parts

These are factory stock Control Arms upper and lower units.

Also Available Calipers and Rack & Pinions


87-88 Control Arms $45ea.

87-88 Brake Calipers $45ea

E-mail for available parts.

GT Fenders

Good condition shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

$45 each

plus shipping

Fender image

above is a reference photo

Specify Driver or Passenger side 

Quarter Windows

Notch back style with SE logo on them. Good condition


 (GT style shown)

Sunroof Glass

Glass with hinges and lock down in good to very good condition.

Replace your Missing or Broken OEM sunroof glass top.

 1 surplus

$92 shipping included in the US.


Replace your broken Sunroof latch system $38 for lock down, latch, and hinges Shipping included in theUS..

Also available individual Sunroof Latch Parts...Inquire with an email.

OEM Spare Wheel/Tires

Replace that worn out tire with a good one for less the price from the dealer. Great condition

(I only choose the ones that look like they have never been used.)

$85 Shipping included in the US

You have a choice of 14" or 15"

Rear Deck Lid

e-mail to get the current availability of style and color if you have a preference.

$60 Notch back plus shipping

$75 Fastback plus shipping


Various colors in stock.

Shipped via Greyhound Package Express in the US

Front Hood

e-mail to find out current colors

$60ea plus shipping

Shipped via Greyhound Package Express in the US

Rear light assembly

Notch back style complete in good condition

$60set or $35 ea. Notch back plus shipping

C5 Side Scoops

These replacement pieces for your lower rear 1/4 panel add a dramatic C5 Corvette type reverse scoop to your Fiero profile. Recommended for GT Fieros or Fieros with lower ground effects.

$225 (set)

Sun Roof Conversion package.

Complete Exterior roof less headliner .

These are factory sunroofs including the exterior roof itself. Basic install: Remove your current roof. Sunroof bolts up to same points. Some fiberglass work required.

Works for any year Fiero.

Perfect for upgrading your Fiero to a factory sunroof.


$120plus shipping (includes storage parts and glass)

Instructions on how to convert your fiero are in the Tips & Instructions section.

Various factory colors Available
Now Also Available:

1980's & early 90's Domestic and Foreign auto parts

click here to e-mail for query and prices.



This is the rear wing used for our Old Roadster Kit...then we noticed it fits nicely on a Fiero.

Some sanding and primer required before painting. Add mount bolts and you will have nice high profile rear wing sure to impress.


Click Here for Images.



Sold Out


above prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted...

Remember when requesting any part I have or may have to specify as close to possible the exact part wanted and to include your Zip code so I can add shipping charges. Any quoted prices which includes shipping, is for US destinations only. Additional Shipping fees may be needed for International shipping. Please inquire first for total cost to your country.

  • If you are interested in any of the parts I have listed please feel free to e-mail me.
  • If you think I may have the part you have been searching for...please feel free to e-mail me.
  • If you think I may know of where to get the part you so desperately need or want..(I do frequent my local salvage yards to the point of first name basis)...then...feel free to e-mail me.

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