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Auto Sales

This section offers a selection of Various Stage Completed Cars for sale.

Owners who are attempting to sell their Exotic Automobile or completed Relicars are more than welcome to contact me if they would like to have your listing on this site.

Consider me this site as a great resource to get exposure for your up for sale vehicle.

To purchase or inquire about the vehicles currently available, email me.

 Completed Cars
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 G40-v2 Topless

Built by the manufacturer for presentation of new product line.

This version is not normally marketed because it is just like the G40, but without the hood, roof, and side scoops.





G20 Convertable


This car is completed as shown and ready to ship or drive away. Features OEM lights, grills, and BMW logos.

Email for Images





G28 Topless Version


Built by the manufacturer for Show Car presentation his product line.


 *All autos sold through this site are only kit cars and are stated as such. Any logos, emblems, etc. which may appear on the replicar were installed by the original owners of the car for looks only and not as an attempt to fraud the public. UFP auto sales is set up as an outlet for kit car owners to sell their kit cars. Use of any trademarked names is for the similar inspired description of a vehicle and is not intended to sell the car as that name stated. All vehicles which are sold as replicars or body kits completed on vehicles will be marked as it's replica name. All vehicles sold as OEM will be sold as that vehicle name and will state that it's an OEM.

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