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This section offers a selection of Body Kits & Kit Cars for the Pontiac Fiero, Mazda Miata, Custom built chassis, and other makes of Vehicles.

Many of the kits in this section are not only distributed by us, but also can be purchased with installation.

To purchase or inquire about the kits currently available, e-mail me.

Kit Car Manufacturers are more than welcome to contact me if they would like to have their kits distributed through this site..

G-Type ReBody Kits


The G20 Package

This is a beautiful BMW Z4 rebody kit package.


For more information, select the Online Brochure.

G20 ReBody Kit package $5500



Zorba G40

Online Brochure

This has it's own unique design. No replica of any type but a super concept car with a blend of 5 cars on the market including some inspirations from formula car racers.

Designed to fit a modified Pontiac chassis or custom built tube frame setup.

This is an actual kit package from Triangle G. Not a splash mold or made by us package. But direct from Triangle G.


Coupe version re body kit package priced at:


Triangle G Product direct from the manufacturer.


Type 3 Body Kits

Type 3/4 Package

This is a beautiful body kit package for the pre 97 Miata. Nice lines featuring a easy to install all fiberglass exterior kit. Nice looking wide body kit that gives the miata an aggressive look.

Online Brochure

Base Kit package:


Sold Out

Contact me for more information after looking at online brochures. Above prices not inlcude shipping unless otherwise stated.



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