UFP: Type 3/Z4 Online Brochure Based on Miata

Donor: Miata

FS: Stock

CHS: Stock Wheel Base Miata

RS: Stock

W: N/A

ENG: Stock

KIT: $4000

T/K: $8K-$15K

Comments: This is a very aggressive looking finished kit .Which can be made up to Make the Miata look like an expensive sports car. This replica kit, from this manufactruer.

There are 11 basic pieces to this kit all constructed from quality fiberglass work. The front clip replaces your stock fender, and front bumper, exterior door shells, mirror shells, two piece hood, two piece trunk. The rear clip covers the rear side fenders bumper and mid section. This kit does not have an interior package as of yet.

Add the OEM BMW parts, fine adjust your kit, prep, paint, and you have a Miata that no longer looks like the average Tic Tac.




Custom Build Turnkey Base Price:

$8k-$15k average price depending on if you are providing the Donor Miata or if one has to be purchased. Also dependant on options purchase price such as rim/tires, custom lights or OEM. and custom gril work or OEM etc.


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*The name Z4 is owned by BMW corp. Our replica is not intended to replace the Z4, but to instead offer an affordable car that is only similar externally to the real thing.