UFP: G20 Type Replica Online Brochure


Donor: BMW Z4

FS: Stock

CHS: Stock

RS: Stock


ENG: Stock

KIT Package Prices:


T/K: $15,000 not including the cost of the donor car,custom treatments, or wheels.

Comments: "Upgrade Package" We call it an upgrade because you start with a BMW and end with your added Ground Effects and Body Panel Replacement parts creating new body lines and details.

Base Package Includes:

Front Clip Section

Rear Trunk Lid

Front Hood

External Door Skins

Rear Clip Section

The price includes all this!


Stock Z4 interior is kept complete



. Shown below is the G20 package with OEM Z8 headlights, tail lights, wheels, etc. Note: You may have seen my images on the internet because they have been stolen by other sites from my eBay auctions. I am an official distributer for Triangle G products and I personally took the photographs of this beautiful car built by Triangle G.


Custom Build Turnkey Base Price:

Below are the base prices for a custom build of this Body Kit. Options which vary the price are Special Interior Treatments, How much you actually spend on a Donor, extra parts, and final Wheel and Tire selection.

Stage 1

Stage 2

5500 Body Kit Package

7,000 Installation and Prep work for painting. INCLUDED Non OEM Headlights, Non OEM Tail lights, Non OEM Marker Lights, Aftermarket Grille materials, etc.

12,500 All of the Stage 1 plus:

2500 Exterior Paint, with color sanding, polishing. (Solid color or Metallic w/clear coat. Extra for Pearl Coats)



  • Donor Z4 not included in above price quote.
  • Exterior Paint is Single color paint including clear coat( if required). Color sanding, polishing. Engine bay, trunk interior, interior under carpet painting not included.
  • Add destination shipping to your final cost.
  • When scheduled, Stage 1 can usually be completed in approximately 6-8 weeks. Stage 2 add 3-4 weeks.


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