UFP: Zorba G40 Body Kit Online Brochure


Donor: Any year Pontiac Fiero, or Custom chassis

FS: Stock

CHS: 11" Stretched

RS: Stock


ENG: V-6, or better

KIT Package Prices:

Topless or Coupe

Version: $9,500

T/K: starting around $26,000 depending on options.(Not including wheels, or any systems upgrades.)

Comments: We now have distribution and installation of the Zorba G40 Body Kit packages. Available in a Coupe, or Topless Version. This vehicle was inspired from about 5 different cars on the market including Toyota Celica, Pontiac, Formula Race Cars, and Small Jet Aircraft. This is a beautiful blend that any Custom car owner would be proud to drive. It's not a replica, it is an original design. The Zorba topless model placed in the Knotts Berry Farm Hand Crafted Automobile Show 2008. It wasn't first... but who cares because you would be the winner with this one! Manufactured by Triangle G.

Base Package includes:

Fiberglass Main body Unit

Rear Deck Lid

Trunk Lid

Front Hood

2 External Door Units, Intermediate Door frames, and Inner Door panels

Dash Cover

Instrument pod

2 Piece Steering column cover

Center Cover

ECM Cover

Exterior Door panels

Mirror Shells

Coupe version only also includes:

Roof intake scoop

Decklid intake duct

The price includes all this!

Rear Wing Sold Separately

Sale on now for Custom Built Cars

Image examples of custom built completed cars. Other sites have stolen my images from eBay and pretend it's their product. The Below cars were built by our shop and Triangle G. I am an official distributer of Truangle G products.


This side view of the coupe version shows the over roof intake scoop and how it is incorporated into the decklid.


Rear Spoiler cost is $720 extra. as it is not included in the base kit package.

This interior shot shows the coupe version with an example of very basic reupholster over the Fiero seats.
Topless version with all doors open
Rear shot with engine cover open shows your engine service area plus your trunk access. The lower rocker panel vents can be used to route aux. cooling cores such as for radiator, external oil cooler, etc.


Custom Build Turnkey Base Price Estimates:

Below are the base prices for a custom build of this Body Kit on your provided donor chassis.. Options which vary the price are Special Interior Treatments, Custom wheels, How much you actually spend on a Donor Vehicle or tube Frame Chassis, and final Wheel and Tire selection.

Stage 1

Stage 2

9,500 Body Kit Package available in Coupe, or Topless versions only.

2000 Expect to spend this much if you use a Fiero Donor. This is only an estimate.

1600 Required stretch and body modifications to Donor Fiero

8,000 Installation and Parts and Prep work for painting. INCLUDED non OEM Headlights, non OEM Tail lights, non OEM Marker Lights, Plexi Glass material, non OEM Grille, Aftermarket Windshield, and more.

21,100 All of the Stage 1 plus:

2000 Interior Upholstery Vinyl / Leather carpet combination, Carpet combination. Choice of color

2700 Exterior Paint, with color sanding, polishing. (Solid color w/clear coat pearl coats are extra)

0 Installation of your provided mounted tires/wheels. Your wheels may require additional costing, adapters or a wide track system, or similar if not the correct offset. Remember that you will be providing wheels/tires, so don't forget to add this into your budget.



  • Donor Fiero price depends on options and vehicles available. Less $2k from your above estimates if you already have a Donor. We do not provide donor cars.
  • Interior Upholstery is $2000 in Leather,Vinyl and carpet combinations.
  • Exterior Paint is single color paint including clear coat. Color sanding, polishing..
  • Add destination shipping to your final cost.
  • Add any custom features such as wide track system, navigation or rear view camera,
  • When scheduled, Stage 1 can usually be completed in approximately 18-22 weeks. Stage 2 add 3-7 weeks. Times are estimates which depend on option features included or added to your custom build.

Purchase Information:

Payment for the Zorba G40 package is accepted as Cashiers check, Money Orders, Direct Deposit, as well as Cash.

Kit purchase only must be prepaid.

Kit purchase with installation is paid in installments.

Credit/Debit card purchases will be accessed a 3% credit card use fee as imposed by the merchant card acceptance company.

Custom built auto parts are non refundable, non exchangeable, non returnable and are sold as-is. Body kit packages including the Zorba G40 are considered custom built auto parts.


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* Our bodykit is not intended to replace, copy, duplicate or replicate any other manufactures copyrighted product of any type., This Body Kit Package is based on installation onto a modified Pontiac Chassis with fiberglass based components. Which would mean that your car would still be a pontiac but with a body kit installed onto it. Those who may assume it is another manufacturer product in any way are wrong and are here in noticed that this is only a Body Kit package of fiberglass components. Anyone who is seeking a particular Original Manufactured Product Automobile is suggested to visit that manufactures authorized dealer.. All rights reserved to their respective owners on all images, logos, trademarks, and contents within this site. No reproduction is allowed, in any form, without exclusive written permission. Violators will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws under the Federal United States of America.